Tips for Dealing With Exam Stress from the ChargerInk. Staff


Carly Earnest

Like the rest of the student’s at Champion High School, Leyton Parker plans to study hard and hit the books before finals week.


In honor of this week’s final exams, the ChargerInk. Newspaper team would like to offer our support to all students dealing with test day stress.



With everything in 2020 being a dumpster fire, I would like to encourage y’all to take a minute and breathe. I get that things probably haven’t gone the way you planned, but we just have to hang in there. Don’t let things cloud your judgment.

— junior, Jocelyn Kovach


“It may feel like a really big thing, but we’re high schoolers and if you get a bad grade on your test — yeah, it may bring your grade average down, but it’s one semester exam out of all the ones we take.”
— junior, Ana Vásquez


“Take time for yourself. Take a little break for a few minutes in-between studying. You have to make time for yourself especially during stressful times like finals.”

— junior, Carly Earnest


“Just take a quick break from studying and focus on something else for a while.”
— junior, Kierston Robicheaux


“I deal with midterm stress by trying to relax after studying, whether it’s watching TV or having my favorite snack.”

— sophomore, Jillian Andrie


“Usually, when I get home from school on finals day, I let my brain relax by taking a bath, reading, or watching TV before I start studying for the finals I have the next day.”
— senior, Katie Glanton


I like to plan out what I am going to do. You may feel overwhelmed with all the assignments, so when you write down what you need to do and what your priorities are, then you can feel organized and cross off things that you got down.

— freshman, Layla Garber


“I come up with different catch phrases that draw my attention, so that when I’m looking over my notes and see the phrases, I remember the facts!”

— junior, Senay Heckel


“I make a list of everything I need to do in the order that I need to do it, and I eat massive amounts of microwave popcorn while I study.”

— senior, Julia Belz


“Just remember that it’ll all be over in a week and then it’s Christmas!”
— sophomore, Amy Steward


The ChargerInk. Staff would like to remind you to focus on the process and the outcome will be rewarding. We wish you the best of luck! Go Chargers!