Marching Forward


Ana Vasquez

Champion High School Marching Band cheers our football team on with the CHS ‘Fight Song’, sporting their new customized uniforms.

The Champion Charger Band welcomed Jason Younts and Matthew Pehl as the new band directors at the beginning of this school year.
The new directors have focused their efforts on including more stand tunes (music played at football games), teaching a new technique of marching for competitions and games, repainting the marching pad where the band practices, and renovating the windows that currently line the band hall.
One band member, junior Zane Hamilton, expressed his admiration for the changes within the band community.
“I feel like the recent changes have had a strong positive impact on our program,” said Hamilton. “Mr. Younts and Mr. Pehl are going to take this program far.”
In fact, the new directors plan to challenge their students during the current concert season by selecting more complex musical pieces.
“I think there’s a lot of untapped potential.” Mr. Younts said. “We’ve made some positive changes in terms of thinking about things in more detail and a more oriented mindset from the individual to group level.”
To continue the positive advancement of the band, the directors have several surprises in store for the upcoming years when it comes to music and growing as a family. When asked where the new directors see the Champion Band in the future, they described the band’s future as an ability to take it in any direction and that the band would eventually be creating intricate shows.
“My favorite stand tune ever is ‘Daft Punk Medley’,” Mr. Younts said. “We are not ready for it this year. Next year, yes.”
Many band students are excited about the program’s changes, including the leader of the brass section and tuba player, junior John Howe.
“I’m expecting our band to become significantly more competitive in the coming years as a new culture and traditions take hold throughout the band,” said Howe.
The new directors also discussed their vision for the future of the band program.
“Everything is a new experience for me,” Mr. Pehl said. “First concerts, first time taking a band to UIL and sight reading, first time teaching beginners at middle school for a year […] so it’s all exciting.”
With these new directors, future competitions and football games could be more exciting than ever.
“It’s just the beginning,” said Mr. Younts.