Grease is the Word


Carly Earnest

The cast of Grease practices for their big show coming up by running through dance scenes with the Champion Charms.

This week, Champion High School’s theater program is presenting their third production of the year, Grease. A total of 4 performances will occur from Thursday, January 21 until Sunday, January 24. At the end of the 3pm Sunday matinee, the cast will be answering questions from the audience. Tickets are available online and at the door for each show.
The theatre organization tried something new this year by creating an interactive dress up schedule with the Student Council in which the students participate. Each day is a different theme centered around the performance to excite people for the show. Tuesday was Mathletes, Wednesday was Athletes, and Thursday was Pink Ladies vs. T-Birds.
“Having two people in the Student Council that are also involved with theatre really helped out the whole idea of including the student body in the theatrical production,” said senior Loni Claire.
This large, inclusive cast of around 110 people involves multiple social circles of the Champion student body including the band members, Charms, cheerleaders, life skills students, musicians, and staff members. Grease brought together a majority of the school for one sha-bang performance.
“It gives everyone an opportunity to be a part of things and have fun with new people,” said senior Charm and cast member Hannah Goeke.
Grease is set in the 1950s and it revolves around the love story of Sandy Olsson—played by freshman Lillian Stewart—and Danny Zuko—played by sophomore Weston Eades.. The teenagers experience typical 50’s high school themes including alcohol, cigarettes, relationships, pregnancy scares, and prom.
“My personal experience as a highschooler and seeing it through Sandy’s point of view has shown me that teenagers, even decades later, are experiencing the same pressures,” said star Lillian Stewart. “I believe that it is okay for a high school to approach these real world topics and it opens the door for teachable moments.”
The musical was written in 1971 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. A 1978 movie adaptation starred Olivia Newton-John as Sandy, and John Travolta as Danny. The movie has become a classic, and generations have grown up with it.
“It’s been a dream [to play a Greaser] ever since I watched the movie when I was ten,” said Eades.
Each actor is required to become fully immersed into their part. One performer, sophomore Ben Barronton, really got into his character of Johnny Contardo by learning how to play his solo, Those Magic Changes, on the guitar.
“I was lucky enough to have a guitar that my mom bought from a garage sale and I had to have a bunch of people to teach me how to play,” said Barronton.
The cast and crew are excited to be able to present this production thanks to time, dedication, and a true love for Grease.
“It’s going to be really enjoyable because Grease is a classic,” said sophomore and Pink Lady Raya Nunez. “Everyone should see this masterpiece.”