Eternal-ly Average: Marvel’s New Release


Marvel Studios, LLC

The Eternals arrive in the Amazon forest to reunite with Druig (Barry Keoghan), who has been living there since they parted ways in 1521 CE. Characters left to right: Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), Sprite (Lia McHugh), Sersi (Gemma Chan), Ikaris (Richard Madden), Thena (Angelina Jolie), and Gilgamesh (Don Lee).

Since the announcement of its original release date at the July 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel fans awaited the release of “Eternals,” which won a Fandango poll for Fall 2021’s Most Anticipated Movie. After hearing about the star-filled cast and the found-family dynamic of the characters, I can admit that I was reeled in and even excited to watch one of the first Marvel movies of Phase 4 (movies/shows released in a 3 to 4 year period).
Directed by Academy Award winning director Chloé Zhao, “Eternals” follows a group of immortal species with superpowers: the Eternals. They’re placed on Earth to protect the human race from the Deviants, basically a “failed,” evil, more animalistic version of the Eternals. After 7,000 years of fighting side by side, the Eternals’ mission was seemingly completed in 1521 CE, when the ten superheroes separated. It’s not until 2024 that they meet again, after Sersi (played by Gemma Chan) and Sprite (Lia McHugh) are attacked by a Deviant in London and saved by Ikaris (Richard Madden). After the unexplained attack, the three set out to gather and reunite the rest of the Eternals. They come to the realization that, for some reason, the Deviants are now after them. While still navigating the array of emotions the family feels following their reunion, they have to find out how to save not only themselves, but everyone else on the planet.
My expectations were high as I entered the IMAX theater, but after the first hour of the almost three hour film I couldn’t help but be disappointed with how it was going so far. It was hard to understand at some points, had rushed time skips, and was a bit cheesy. I was patiently waiting for an exciting climax, and though there were adventurous, thrilling moments throughout the movie, I don’t think I was stunned or extremely impressed until the last 40 minutes.
The acting and chemistry between the cast was incredible, but the execution of the storyline lacked for me. It definitely captures the audience’s attention and pulls them in at certain points, but as a Marvel movie—especially one following up the apparent end of the Avengers—I expected a little bit more. However, as an easily pleased person who likes entertainment, I still enjoyed it for the most part so I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Before the movie ended, it said the Eternals would return, and as a Marvel fan who will give anything a chance, I will be tuning in.