Seniors Make Their Mark with Personalized Parking Spots

 The start of a new school year brings back a Boerne tradition: seniors personalizing their parking spots. Throughout August, September, ad October the parking lots have been open for seniors to come in and paint any design they feel expresses themselves. This tradition is one of the newer ones at Champion — the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) started it just three years ago — but it’s already ingrained itself into the school’s culture. 

“In 2020, the PTO decided to ask for the opportunity for CHS seniors to paint because it was the first time back to school after COVID,” said PTO co-president Sara Kureska. “We knew the kids would be missing a lot due to the pandemic, and we wanted to do something to help with that and celebrate the seniors. Boerne High had already been doing it so we just used their process as a template.”

Since then, the parking lot has grown more and more colorful each year. Now, seniors include it in this year’s rotation of senior traditions.

“I was really excited for it because this year I want to do all the senior things,” said Sarah Bazerra, a senior who participated in the parking spot paintings. “I think people are getting really creative this year. I like all of their designs.”

That’s been a common comment recently; many people think that this year’s group of seniors have been much more creative with their designs, with artwork ranging from album covers to memes.

“Honestly, some of the designs last year — they were good when I saw them last year, but then I saw some of the designs that people have done this year and I was like, ‘Oh, wait, that’s really good,’” said senior Amyral Garcia, who also painted her parking spot.

Seniors planning on painting their spots must pay $25 as well as submit their design here. The parking lots are open for painting outside of school hours until September 30. As for supplies, here’s what the PTO recommends:

“The paint isn’t cheap, and you will probably need more than you think,” said Kureska. “Come as prepared as you can, ie: bring a broom, leaf blower if you can, trash bags, canopy if you can, water to drink, paper towels or old towels for clean up, and a speaker! And don’t forget to have fun!”

Others suggest working with friends and family; sharing paint is common, as well as having family help with designs.

“I would not have been able to get it done without help,” said Bazerra. “I had my dad, and I had Alvaro [Rubio] help me with it, and it took about 4 to 5 hours. I think if I had done it by myself it would’ve taken all day.”

Whether working alone or with other people, customizing parking spots is one way these seniors are taking a tradition and making it their own.

“At school you can’t really express anything a lot, so that’s one way that you can actually be like, ‘Hey look, that’s me.’” said Garcia. “Painting is a way to show yourself off to other people.”