“Mamma Mia!” Is a Definite Hit for Everyone

Colorful lights, stunning visuals, age-old songs — Champion’s rendition of “Mamma Mia!” is a gorgeous performance of the classic movie musical. 

The show starts with a dark stage and an intriguing melody, sure to keep audience members guessing of what’s to come next. Suddenly, the lights flash to life, aimed on one of our main characters, Sophie, and the audience bears witness to what could very well be the most essential part of the performance: Sophie reveals that she’s invited three of her mother’s past lovers to her wedding in an attempt to learn who her father is. The rest of the show follows Sophie and the cast as they prepare for the wedding, telling their story through dazzling spectacles of music and heartfelt moments that speak to the actors’ talents.

The collaboration between the theater department and the dance team was a perfect decision. The array of talented dancers brings even more life and vigor to the stage, especially paired with whimsical ABBA songs. 

However, the performance of the lead cast is the most striking. Junior Raya Nũnez, playing Donna, consistently bears her heart through song. Similarly, junior Lillian Stewart, playing Sophie, delivers the hopeful innocence of a girl desperate to find her father. Their talents are only exemplified by the three bachelors, Harry Bright, Bill Austin, and Sam Carmichael — played by senior Ben Barronton, senior Jaxson Bachicha, and senior Weston Eades respectively — whose eccentric personalities juxtaposed with genuineness create a fantastic onstage chemistry.

The show is truly see-to-believe, and a definite hit for everyone. 

Students only pay $10 for tickets, so be sure to support Champion Fine Arts by watching this musical.

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