‘Words on Bathroom Walls’ Movie Review


Yakob, Jacob, Sony Pictures Publicity

In Words on Bathroom Wall, Adam Petrazelli (Charlie Plummer) and Maya Arnez (Taylor Russell) are dancing at prom together. Among the dancing teenagers, Adam has a drastic mental breakdown.

Words on Bathroom Walls, a PG-13 movie which premiered on August 21st, tells the story of a teenage boy struggling with schizophrenia. Adam Petrazelli, played by Charlie Plummer, shares his story of his experience with schizophrenia through his visits to his psychiatrist.
His disorder lets him see his “imaginary friends” including Rebecca (actress AnnaSophia Robb), The Bodyguard (Lobo Sebastian), and Joaquin (Devon Bostick, who played Rodrick in The Diary of Wimpy Kid series) who are the comedic relief showing up when you least expect them. He also has real friends and family including, Maya Arnez (played by Taylor Russell) as well as his mom, Beth, (Molly Parker) and his stepdad, Paul, (Walton Goggins), that worry about him as his struggle with schizophrenia intensifies.
I was excited to see the movie in theaters after not being able to for so long; sitting six feet away from everyone else, I was ready to watch the movie. Being a big fan of young adult books, I was especially excited to watch this because it was based on the novel written by Julia Walton.
Nick Naveda, writer of the screenplay, created a story that showed the truth about schizophrenia and involved romance without romanticizing the disorder like some movies do. The story was gripping and by the end of the movie, you really sympathized with Adam.
The whole movie, he is trying to grip with the reality that he will never be normal. He takes medication and tries to focus on achieving his dream of being a chef, but reaches several highs and lows over the course of the story. This film evolves on the theme of the struggle with mental health and how many feel defined or outcast by their disorders.
This movie showed the reality of a mental disorder that I don’t think many people understand much about. It spreads the message that although you could be diagnosed with a disorder, you are more than that. People can truly relate to Words on Bathroom Walls, especially if you have a mental disorder.
This film has amazing characters, a captivating storyline, and the truth of everyday life for someone with schizophrenia. Overall, I give this movie 4 Horse Shoes out of 5 because, even though I thought this movie was good, I felt like they could have done more. If you’re looking for an empowering movie about mental health and romance, then this is the movie for you.