A Sneak Peak at Next Year’s Season with Spring Ball


Brady Lampkin

Brady Lampkin and Josh Hierholzer pose on the field after the spring ball game. Photo by the Lampkin family.

On May 17, many Chargers gathered together to support the JV, freshman, and varsity football players in their spring football game. The game was to not only show off the team’s skill, but to give the crowd something to look forward to with the upcoming football season. Unlike most games, this one was played between the offensive and defensive football players, with the defensive team accepting defeat this year.

“We practice so much. Practically every single weekday morning. But I just have a gut feeling it will be 100% worth it,” said sophomore Brady Lampkin. “Getting to play football and hit everyone is the best way to end the school year.”

In preparation for the spring game, as well as a way to stay in shape in the off season, players spent early mornings and afternoons on the field. 

“Every morning besides Wednesday, when we have after school practice, we had to be on the field and completely dressed by 6:30 a.m. Since this is my first year in high school this is all super new for me and the amount of practices we have was definitely unexpected,” said freshman Carter Jenkins. “I hate waking up early, but I do think all of our hard work and time put into the spring ball game will be worth it in the end.”

The three teams were divided in two — defense and offense. Although players consist of many ages and skill levels, the JV, varsity, and freshman teams all practiced together. After several months of being out of season, the boys were back to make a comeback before the school year comes to a close.

 “It’s a quick turnaround after the season ending in November, but the teams are well prepared and locked in ready to go.We have a great new offense line up, our coaches are very on top of things, and all of us players are ready to put on a show,” said Lampkin. “The amount of work I put into practice will definitely show during the spring ball game.”

The player’s weeks of preparation finally came to an end when it approached game day and players geared up to play at 6:30 p.m. on the Champion field.The spring ball game is the first return of football for 2023 and the crowd went wild for the players.

“The spring ball went exactly how I wanted it to go. I’m on offense, so of course we won,” said junior Ethan Mcveigh. “The amount of practice we put into our spring game showed through our performance. I am so proud of the work all of the teams accomplished in this spring ball game.”