Swinging for State

The Boys’ Golf Team Places Top 5 in Texas


Lindsey Castillon

The Boys Golf Varsity players and their coaches at the UIL State Tournament, where they reached the top 5.

On May 10 and 11, the Boys Golf team left the UIL tournament with a top five finish for the second year in a row, which means that after two rounds of golf against 15 of the top teams in the state, the players finished fifth overall.
“Everybody in school should know how hard our kids work every day, and that they are literally some of the best golfers in all of the state of Texas,” said head coach Jason Sweatman. “They spend countless hours working on their game and preparing to play.”
Tournament settings — especially when a title is on the line — are a huge challenge for golfers. There are several factors, such as pressure of success and goal to win, that each athlete must overcome.
“Golfing in a tournament setting not only changes decision making, but also how the course is playing that day,” said varsity sophomore player Zachary Franz. “The wind and variables you are thinking about may be different. You also think more about score and care much more for a tournament rather than a practice round.” The team plays in many tournaments throughout the year, including the Ryder Cup against its rival, Alamo Heights. During these rounds, Coach Sweatman assures his players that success comes from controlling each individual’s role.
“We preach the same fundamentals and focus on being great teammates and simply doing your job to the best of their ability. Golf is a mental game no matter where you play, so we focus more on this than any other skillset. It’s important for all of us — including coaches — to be the same player or coach you have been working on all year,” said Coach Sweatman.
Senior Max Cavazos earned an individual title at this year’s state tournament, placing second overall in the 5A State of Texas. Cavazos was the first Charger to achieve the accomplishment, and he will be continuing his golf career at Midland College.
“Tournaments like District, Regionals, and State mean too much to me because not everything is guaranteed. There are many other schools across Texas that would love to be in our position in having a spot to play for these titles, and they are some of the greatest moments of my life,” said Cavazos.
With a varsity team consisting of two seniors, one sophomore, and two freshmen, golf has unified these grades into one team. Practices, tournaments, and bus rides together have ensured that memories are made.
“We spend so much time with each other, whether that is on the course or off,” said Franz. “The relationships I have made with our golf team is unbeatable.”
The 2021-2022 Charger Boys Golf Team had a great season, and saw how hard work leads to success reflecting in lower scores. With players that demonstrate dedication and compassion in any situation, the future is bright for the Charger Golf Team.
“We have excellent young men who honor the game and their competitors and play the right way,” said Coach Sweatman. “We as coaches get just as many compliments on the kids’ character and general likability as we do on their golf games and the medals they win.”