Good News!

Installment #1: November 11, 2022


Amy Steward

Because the world seems bleak sometimes, the Champion Newspaper put together several serotonin-worthy news topics to brighten your smile.

Clicking on a news article can sometimes lead down a tunnel of negative stories. It’s nice to take a break and remember there are still good things happening every day around the world.

This is the first installment in a new series, Good News!, where we find happy stories and share them. Know something good going on? Let us know!

Florida Hurricane Relief Brings Communities Back Together

As millions across Florida lost power from Hurricane Ian, Babcock Ranch never lost power. This town is 100% solar powered and can withstand a storm. Houses located in Babcock Ranch had minor damages compared to other communities within a 20 mile radius. Surprisingly, neither the internet nor power failed in these homes that were built to withstand weather emergencies. The community came together to help others less fortunate from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

On November 10, Florida took another hit with a rare November storm, Hurricane Nicole, traveling through many of the same towns hit by Hurricane Ian; however, just like the previous disaster, these communities continue working together to rebuild their cherished towns. Already relief funds are set up, and residents throughout the state — and country — who were unaffected are sending aid to the ones who were.


Bam! Deadly Asteroid Threats May Be No More

On September 26, a NASA spacecraft successfully hit a targeted asteroid at 14,000 miles per hour. This experiment was launched to create a solution for any future harmful threats hurtling towards earth. This was an accomplishment for the future of science and NASA as a government agency. This experiment has soothed a lot of viewers’ anxiety about future meteoric threats. 


Patagonia Breaks Expectations with Largest Climate Change Donation Yet

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the company Patagonia, donated nearly all of the company’s stock to the Holdfast Collective, an organization fighting against climate change. This means that profit made from Patagonia goes through the organization. Since 2001, Patagonia has donated 1-2% of their profits to organizations fighting global warming, but this represents its largest donation to date.  


Ozone Layer May Heal Within Our Lifetime

Scientists are now saying the hole in the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere will hopefully fully recover by 2070. This ‘hole,’ which is a thin area of the earth’s atmosphere over Antarctica, is the outcome of the overuse of harmful chemicals, damaging the earth’s environment and atmosphere. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has claimed the hole has continuously been getting smaller in size every year.  Many people see this as a good sign that there are still opportunities to turn the well-being of the earth around.   


Indonesia Fights Pollution on a Large Scale

Indonesia introduced a new government spending bill designed to slash their record-breaking pollution stats. Indonesia is heavily polluted from illegal waste and burning to clear land for agriculture. The changes proposed, worth 1 billion dollars, hope to reduce the plastic on their shores and ocean by 70%.  One part of this initiative involves hiring Indonesian fishermen for part time cleanup jobs paid by the government. 


Spurs Sponsors Soccer Clinic for Uvalde Children

In a step to help the healing process of Uvalde, the San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio FC held a free soccer clinic for children in the area. Colleagues at the Spurs’ Sports Entertainment thought of the idea by realizing the soccer season was starting soon. The kids were  enthusiastic and happy to be there. The volunteers were able to celebrate goals with them.


Some Fun Facts Before You Go

  • ‘Boerne’ is the 3rd-most mispronounced town name in the United States.
  • In Welsh folklore, fairies ride Corgis as their main form of transportation.
  • The scientific name of the South African giraffe is Giraffa giraffa giraffa.
  • Lahti, a town in Finland, gives free cake to its residents who reduce their carbon emissions.