Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Hot Takes

Amy Steward, Editor-in-Chief

This is a part of our new series, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth, where we gather student opinions from around school on various topics. For the first installment staff provided their opinions on the topic ‘hot takes,’ but the rest of the series is 100% readers’ opinions.

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Amy Steward – Country music is actually really good. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of terrible country songs, but the same is true for every genre. Country music has a classic sound that’s managed to evolve for modern tastes. It’s also fun to listen to — “Farmer’s Daughter” by Rodney Atkins is lowkey hilarious, and who doesn’t love scream-singing to “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift? Plus, it’s the genre of the one and only Dolly Parton, so you know country music is doing something right.


Dylan Taylor – I refuse to eat Skittles. 

There was a lawsuit not too long ago that found that they weren’t fit for human consumption, so I’ve kind of been anti-Skittles ever since then.


Anna Voigt – Harry Styles is ugly. 

He’s actually bald, and I’m tired of him pretending he’s not. His hair is literally not attached to his scalp. Just Google ‘bald Harry Styles’ and you’ll see that he’s wearing a toupee.


Jacob Schoolcraft – Pineapple does not belong on pizza. 

Don’t bother changing my mind cause it’s my pizza.


Russell Roach – Exes should not talk. 

Whether or not you ended on good terms, previous feelings could always still be there which could jeopardize future relationships. Not only that, many break up on bad terms because the relationship was toxic, so why would you continue that in your life?


Daniel Polston – Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. 

You can see this when you try to correct something that you have been doing for so long it is extremely hard.


Alexis Jenkins – Coffee is overrated. 

The taste of espresso is not only gross but it is all overpriced. Red Bulls are better and should be everyone’s coffee replacement.


Presley Holcomb – Brown eyes are prettier and easier to look at than blue eyes. 

At the end of the day blue eyes are borderline scary.


Sarah Rodriguez – Crockpot meals are underhyped and hated too much. 

People associate crock pots with bland meals, but it’s all about who’s cooking them. Things like roast taste the best when made in a slow-cooker.


Sofia Schnoke – I drink milk with ice. 

It’s refreshing! It’s all the satisfaction of drinking water, but with the delicious flavor of milk.


Thuraya Haifa – Beyonce is extremely overrated and does not make good music. 

She might be a good person, but her music isn’t any good at all, and I will never understand the hype over her songs, especially her new music. It gets on my nerves, and fills me with an unexplainable rage, and makes me feel sick to my stomach. No hate for her as a person, but her music really needs to go.


Maci Wehrmann – People who base their friendships and relationships on zodiac signs are actually annoying. 

Like if you’re going to sit there and say “oh you’re a libra…” just leave.


Lindsey Castillon – Whataburger is overrated. 

You can get their burgers anywhere! The patties are thin, the toppings are gross, and only ketchup makes it taste okay, although I will admit that their fries are pretty good.


Tsuyosh Maningat – Modern rap music is not rap.

Rap stands for “rhythm and poetry,” and most rappers are most definitely not rhyming and rapping poetry. Example: “Right Foot Creep” by NBA Youngboy. He is not rhyming or ‘singing poetry,’ he is literally slurring and murmuring words without any meaning. 


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