Living Life The Champion Way: 2nd Quarter 2023

Amelie Brosien, Junior Editor

Every quarter, teachers nominate a student that they feel exemplifies the characteristics of the Champion Way — trustworthiness, adaptability, initiative, courage, optimism, contemplation, perseverance, compassion, loyalty, honesty, respect, and responsibility. These are the students that received the award, as well as an excerpt of what each teacher had to say about them. Recipients are sorted alphabetically by teacher.


Jeffring Amador-Huete, 12 


“I nominate Jeffring for the Champion Way Award!  Jeffring moved here this past fall from Nicaragua.  We immediately started to visit regularly after I showed him pictures of several of my trips to Nicaragua with my family.  Jeff tried very hard in class every day despite our language differences.  Our agreement is that I will teach him a little math, and Jeff will teach me to speak Spanish better.  I am honored to be able to teach Jeffring math here at Champion High School.” -Chris Adameck 


Chase Greenmayer, 12 


“This young man used life’s tough situations to learn responsibility and adaptability. Through tough circumstances, he stayed in constant communication with me and made sure his work was completed to the best of his ability. Not only did he stay on task, but most of his work was turned in early. Throughout this experience, he has held his head high and kept a positive outlook in life. Second chances are always needed in this lifetime and this young man has taken advantage of his. I am very proud of you Mase Greenamyer…keep on, keepin” on!” -Melissa Ballin


Adishri Telkikar, 9


“I have a wonderful student that always has a smile on her face. She is very quiet in class, but she always gives her unique insight into class discussions. I enjoy having her in my class. She’s a sweet girl with a great work ethic! My Champion’s Way award goes to Adi Telkikar.” -Rhonda Booth


Emily Carr, 11


“This young lady brings the sunshine in when she steps into the classroom. She is always so creative and willing to share her ideas. She leads her group well and has knocked her sales project out of the park. I enjoy her spunk and her ability to try new things. She has a great attitude and is encouraging to everyone around her. I am thankful she is in my class. My award goes to Emily Carr.” -Jennifer Breuer


Angelita Rodriguez, 12


“My choice Champion has a fearless, “can-do” attitude. Her sense of humor is contagious, which creates a fun and light classroom environment. She cares for her family outside of school and isn’t afraid of hard work. I am proud of her ability to manage school and a job while maintaining such a positive attitude. She dreams of running her own business someday, which I am sure she will have great success. Thank you, Angelita Rodriguez, for your hard work and determination, I wish you the best!” -Matthew Clayton


Robin Vargas, 12


“This gentleman has continuously proven to be a person of tremendous character. He works very hard to be the best version of himself that he can be. His work ethic is contagious and is a tremendous influence for those people around him. He leads by example and his attitude has been an outstanding example of the Champion Way. I am pleased to honor Robin Vargas as my Champion’s Way award.” -David Cruhm


Arlis Adickes, 12


“I have a young man that is a tremendous leader in our athletic program. During his time in football and track he has grown to be the ideal image of what we want our student athletes to become. It is our goal to set high academic, athletic and character standards to empower our young men and women to become champions in life. He was not named a team captain at the beginning of our season. His work ethic and leadership continued to grow. He is always grateful before everything, relentless in his effort, excellent in all that he does, accountable for his actions and tough in the face of adversity. We decided mid-season to name him a captain because of the qualities mentioned earlier. It has been a true pleasure to be a part of Arlis Adickes’ journey. I am proud of Arlis and the leader he is and excited to see his success in spring in track.” -Blane Ellis


Maggie Harnetiaux, 9


“I have a young lady that has embodied her CHS experience. She is so friendly and outgoing. She is one of the most optimistic students I have had the pleasure of teaching. She has the courage to question when she doesn’t understand. She takes initiative and makes sure that she understands everything. She will come and get help when she needs to. She loves to help others with peer tutoring. I see many good things coming her way as she completes her years at Champion High School. I am so happy and proud to have Maggie Harnetiaux as one of my students, and my Champion Way winner.” -Peggy Fisher


Ethan Chapman, 10


“This young man constantly helps his classmates. When he finishes an assignment, he often goes out of his way to help his other classmates who might be struggling with the assignment, as well as helps facilitate the learning process. I am very proud to introduce Ethan Chapman as my Champions Way recipient.” -Richard Ford


Marshall Solis, 10


“I have a young man who always puts forth great effort into understanding the ideas we are studying in history. He applies himself fully, and never hesitates to help others when doing group work. An exceptional student – it is my honor to acknowledge Marshall Solis as my Champion Way recipient.” -Darik Forrest


Cecilia Garcia Bowles, 11


“I am excited to nominate Ceci for the Champion Way Award.  Ceci is a valuable member of our Athletic Training team.  Her positive attitude encourages others around her to be positive as well.  She is a true servant leader and is a great role model for everyone she encounters and has been a valuable mentor to the younger students in our program.   Ceci is always compassionate toward her peers and the student-athletes.  Her loyalty and optimism make our group and our campus a better place.  Thank you for all you have done for our program and I am thankful for you each day.” -Terry Gault


Marian Verlage-Dominguez, 12


“This student moved to Boerne and enrolled at CHS her senior year. She has quickly adapted to our school and always greets me with a smile. The Champion Way characteristics that stand out for this student are responsibility, respect, and compassion. She is ready to learn, has a positive attitude and always helps a fellow student who sits next to her in my US Government class. She is a joy to have as a student and that is why I am recognizing Marian Verlage for the Champion Way.” -Kimberly Grosenbacher


Hailee Goodwin, 11


“There is a young lady in my class that is actively involved in our Education & Training Pathway. She is an incredible student teacher! She is patient, kind, diligent, and has an infectious smile with a positive attitude. She regularly brings out the best in the other students and takes a deep interest in reaching the students that may be behind. She is brimming with potential to be a gifted teacher! She regularly goes above and beyond what is called for her to do. She is competing at the Region contest in Corpus Christi soon with her lesson plans. I am pleased to present my Champions Way award to Hailee Goodwin for embodying so many of the characteristics that we look for. Congratulations and good luck Hailey!” -Jan Haney


Taylor-Anne DuBoyce, 11


“Wow! This young lady moved to Boerne just a couple of months ago and she has really worked hard to do everything she can to be successful. I feel she embodies the Champion Way characteristic of responsibility the most. Being new to this school she took on the responsibility to learn quickly how things work. She always asks questions and works hard to make sure her work is done correctly. She is a joy to have in class and I hope the experiences she is having here at Boerne Champion High School are ones she will remember for a lifetime. Congratulations to Taylor-Anne DuBoyce for being my Champions Way award winner.” -Michele Harris


Isela Gonzalez, 9


“I have a young lady that is very positive and motivated. She always has a smile and is ready to help those around her without hesitation. Her dedication to learn and improve as well as her leadership skills make her a valuable member of the Charger student body. It is truly my honor to choose Isela Gonzalez for the Champion’s Way award.” -John Joehnk


Andre Ortiz, 12


“I am thrilled to nominate Andre Ortiz for the Champion Way, because it is very important to me to express to Andre how much I have appreciated having him in my English class this year. Students like Andre make it worth it. Andre is a diligent, dedicated student. To say he tries his best is an understatement. Andre has a rare, intrinsic drive to complete every assignment, essay, or project to the best of his ability. Andre also displays a refreshing integrity when it comes to academics; he wants to do the work and he wants to make the most out of his education. Andre energizes me to do meaningful work and rise to the level of the brightest minds in the class. In addition to intellect, Andre brings creativity to his academic pursuits. The more time you spend with Andre, the more you have the privilege of experiencing his great wit, sense of humor, and warm personality. I am truly so excited to see what Andre does with his future.” -Lindsay Johnson 


Colin Simecek, 12


“This young man has grown so much in the 4 years that I have known him. He was very shy and lacked confidence. Now he advocates for himself and has much more confidence and developed leadership skills. He has grown into a bright and successful young man. I am very proud of him and what he has accomplished. I am pleased to present my Champions Way award to Colin Simecek. Congratulations.” -Deborah Jordan


Loren Woodall, 12


“I have a young lady in my class that is a caring, and driven Champion student! She is respectful and responsible not only in her academics but her extracurriculars as well. She is a fantastic student who excels in theater and band. She helps lead the band program successfully alongside the directors and other student leaders. She is a great role model and a wonderful student to have in class! Congratulations goes to Loren Woodall.” -Ashi Kidd


Ethan Conrad, 9


“This young man is incredibly enthusiastic in class and is such a positive energy. He always has a positive spin to put on things in class and is very willing to help his fellow classmates that are struggling and less motivated. He is absolutely a brilliant young man with a great attitude that is a wonderful addition to class. I am pleased to present my Champions Way award to Ethan Conrad. Congratulations Ethan!” -Lacee Lee-Hernandez


Evan Lewis, 12


“My Champion’s Way award goes to a student that is always eager to ask the questions that make the teacher go “hmmm”. He is helpful/respectful and courteous every day.

He is the type of student that you know will take advantage of every opportunity to be successful in life – and be happy! Many congratulations go to Evan Lewis – for doing the right things right!” -Christopher Liberty


Penelope Wolfe, 9


“Ever know that person that is the picture of an ideal student? She brings a positive attitude to the classroom every day. She is constantly striving to learn, asking questions, and helping other students. She has the qualities of a successful student, and it will help her later in life with problem solving, teamwork, and adaptability in a career. I am pleased to present my Champions Way award to Penelope Wolfe for embodying so many of the characteristics that we look for in a true Champion!” -Tyler Mangold


Reese Ford, 9


“The student that I am proud to recognize for this Award is a spectacular young lady that possesses all of the qualities of the Champion Way.  She is the epitome of a student that is honest, respectful, responsible, and altogether an amazing student here at Champion High School. Each day in class, this amazing young lady not only works hard and tries to learn the most she can in the time we have, but does so in a respectful and helpful way. With no reservation whatsoever, I am proud to give my Champion Way Award to the amazing Reese Ford!” -Brice Mertz


Brinley Collins, 10


“This young lady is a true champion in every aspect. Her optimism and cheerful demeanor is a breath of fresh air first thing every day. Her compassion & empathy for her classmates brings out the best in the students around her. She works hard in Chemistry class and her excitement is contagious. I love to see her face light up when she “gets it” then helps others. Congratulations to Brinley, thank you for being you!” -Aurelia Scharnhorst


Kevin Ellithorp Land, 12


“This student is an active cadet on the JROTC Color Guard, Armed Drill Team and an essential member of our logistics crew. His efforts in the logistics supply room provided uniforms for 107 cadets. He also flawlessly tracked the uniform issue on the AFJROTC WINGS database. His efforts led his unit to earn the “Exceed Standards” rating on a recent Air Force inspection. Congratulations to Kevin Ellithorp Land for always demonstrating the strong characteristics of the Champion Way.” -Master Sgt. Scott Newberry


Nyaire Staats,11


“Throughout this semester I have a student who embodies the Champion Way steadfastly. He is a wonderful student who produces fantastic work. Not only does he succeed academically, but he also shows a kindness and respect to everyone around him that is not often seen. I am in a unique situation because I had the opportunity to teach this student in middle school and high school. It has truly been a privilege to see this young man grow as a person and a student. If what I have seen is an indication of things to come, he will surely have a very bright future ahead of him. My choice for Champion Way is Nyaire Staats.” -William Oates


Hien Pham, 12


“This student has been a model student in the three years I have known them. They are an excellent role model in the band program, always put in the work to be successful, and manage their school and extra-curricular projects with responsibility. It has been great seeing this student grow into someone who leads their peers and always demonstrates The Champion Way. Thank you, Hien Pham.” -Matthew Pehl


Taylor Burk, 10


“This student excels in many ways and embodies The Champion Way values. She models honesty and respect while simultaneously persevering misery in chemistry. She’s consistently on-task and takes personal responsibility for her education. This student not only excels academically, but also excels in athletics. As a multi-sport athlete, she finds a way to give her best on the court. She is a shining star with a bright future. It is my distinct honor to recognize Taylor Burk.” -Christopher Ronemous


Zachary Garcia, 9


“My student is one of the most respectful and hardest working students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. His attitude, helpfulness towards others, and work ethic are admirable. Thank you, Zachary Garcia for being such an outstanding young man and being a great example of the Champion way!” -Wendy Sanadahl


Hayden Avendano, 9


“I have an excellent student that tries to ensure that he understands what we are doing. He asks for help when needed and is willing to help others that do not understand.

He is always cheerful and happy whenever I see him. It is so great to see how hard he works at being good and it is such a pleasure to have him in class. Congratulations to Hayden Avendano for always demonstrating the strong characteristics of the Champion Way.” -Jason Sanders


Eric Barnhill, 12


“I have a young man that is hard working and shows initiative in the classroom. He is compassionate and is always willing to assist his classmates when needed. He has shown perseverance by participating in football all four years of high school and his optimism is contagious to everyone around him. We are so honored to have Eric Barnhill as a Champion Charger.” -Maria Schwartz 


Kenna Chastain 11


“I too have a wonderful student who works hard and sets a great example for her peers to follow. She actively participates in class and is always eager to learn more! She lends a helping hand and regularly stays after class to help me put supplies away. She exemplifies the Champion Way by showing integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, respect, responsibility, and resilience daily! These qualities will take her far in life! I am so glad to have gotten to know this young lady this year and I can’t wait to see what great things the year and her future hold for her! She is truly a ray of sunshine and brightens my day every time she arrives to class! Congratulations Kenna Chastain! You have earned it!” -Madison Spicer


Mia Santiago, 9


When the year started Mrs. Harris and I worried about the best ways to help Mia, but it turned out that Mia already had the qualities to succeed. She is courageous, adaptable, responsible, and she is willing to push through any challenge she faces. She also does it all with a smile and no sense of being overwhelmed. Mia is a great example of that grit and determination that we hope to inspire in our students.” -Jeff Mock


Jack Osborne, 11


“This student is an excellent student who succeeds not just academically but in ROTC and extracurriculars. He is kind and friendly and greets everyone with a smile. His work ethic is second to none and he is a real joy to have in class. I am very proud to choose Jack Osborne as my Champion Way award winner.” -William Moseley


Hunter Andrews, 10


It is my honor to recognize Hunter Andrews. Hunter took up the challenge of AP World History and has displayed an exceptional amount of grit in sticking with it. I know that the class is a big challenge for him but he comes in every day laser focused. He asks questions when he needs to and remains steadfast in his mission to be successful. I coached Hunter in cross country last year and I can see many positive changes that he has made. He has shown courage and perseverance in this process that will help him as he moves on. He is proof of what one can do when they truly persevere without fear of failure. “ -Johnathan Tate


Kiersten Wells, 9


“My student always greets me with a smile and a hearty “Good Morning!” She is a joy to have in class. She is very polite, always ready to lend a hand and is incredibly kind to her classmates. Congratulations to Kiersten Wells for always demonstrating the strong characteristics of the Champion Way.” -Jessica Tully-Mitchell 


Jackson Fancher, 11


“I have a student that is always a pleasure to have in class because he actively participates in discussions dand goes out of his way to do quality work in everything he does. Thank you, Jackson Fancher, for being such a quality young man.” -John Uecker


Emma Eads, 11


“This wonderful student has a sensational drive to learn and be successful in my class. She is very responsible and willing to help others. This is my second year teaching her, and it has been a pleasure having her in class. I am so proud of her dedication and hard work in my class. It is an honor to celebrate Emma Eads for utilizing the Champion Way characteristics and developing into a sensational young lady!” -Araceli Vasquez


Michael Fuentes, 11


“This gentleman is a great student and a great example of the Champion Way. He walks into class with a smile and a “good afternoon”. He doesn’t hesitate to volunteer to read, helps his peers and those around him. He is respectful and well-mannered. Thank you, Michael Fuentes, for being an awesome person with top-notch character!” -Nadia Vela


Diego Soriano Escarola, 12


“The student that has impressed me the most this school year is Diego Soriano Escarola.  He is in College Prep English, which is a portfolio-based class.  He has worked so hard on his portfolio and really shown persistence and dedication to his writing samples all year.  In December, before the end of the semester, I was getting constant notifications letting me know that Diego was editing and improving his work.  He took my advice and made any changes to his work that I recommended.  It brings me great joy to see such a tremendous work ethic in a student, knowing that it is that kind of grit that will ultimately make students successful after high school.  I know that Diego is going to do great things!” -Kara Walters


Hannah Sharp, 11


“This young lady is the best choice for selection for the Champion Way award. She brings energy, humor, and a healthy competition to class. She encourages and supports her peers and is just a lot of fun to have in class. I appreciate all that you do and all that you have accomplished so far this year. You possess the strong character that we look for in a Charger Champion. Congratulations goes to Hannah Sharp for your dedication to compassion, loyalty, perseverance, and encouragement.” -Tracy Wegleitner


Gavin Gomez, 12


“This student is a great example of the Champion Way. He is always willing to work hard to improve himself and his team. He consistently seeks to help and support his fellow students. I have really appreciated his dedication to making a difference in the lives of those around him. Congratulations to Gavin Gomez for always demonstrating the strong characteristics of the Champion Way.” -Craig Westmoreland


Colin Ryan, 12


“One of the most positive, energetic kids I know, Colin is just fun to be around. I don’t know a football player, lacrosse player, student, coach or staff member that doesn’t respect Colin Ryan due to the positive manner he carries himself with daily. Colin faced extreme adversity his senior year, and his strong character allowed him to continue being a rock for his family and those around him. Proud of you Colin & I’m extremely grateful to have coached you at Champion.” -Ben Woodchick 


Charlie Georgelos, 11


“Not only is Charlie prepared for class, gives it his all, is respectful to me and his peers, but he always does it with a smile on his face.  He never ceases to encourage those around him or go the extra mile to make the world around him a better place.  When NHS sponsored a campus cleanup, Charlie worked tirelessly to the very end.  When everyone else didn’t want to see another trash bag of leaves, he stayed, dug in and worked until the job was complete.  He even mentioned how he wanted to come back and clean up the rock beds even more.  Charlie continually exemplifies every aspect of the Champion Way in and out of the classroom.  He is a model student and member of our greater Boerne community.” -Wendy Zamzow

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