The Little Library Store is Open for Business

Amy Steward, Editor-in-Chief

Students can now buy any odds and ends they need from the new Little Library Store, located at the checkout desk in the library. Prices range from 50 cents to $3 and encompass everything from notecards to pencils to cute stickers.

“We saw a need,” said assistant librarian Mrs. Katie Clark. “Students were always asking for notecards, posterboard, pens, and whatever, so we saw a need there and decided to fill it.”


A shelf of the Little Library Store, featuring pens, pencils, sticky notes, note cards, stickers, and more. There are also more stickers and squishies available to browse at request. (Amy Steward)


Head librarian Mrs. Kim Taylordrew inspiration from Scholastic book fairs, where students can find all sorts of fun items as well as some useful ones.

“We don’t have book fairs at the high school level,” said Mrs Taylor. “It started just like a thought. A spark. Then we figured, let’s get this done.”

The library expected success, but not this quickly — or how popular the fidget toys would be. Both librarians admitted to purchasing a few of them for themselves.

“I’ve got a fat cat squishy,” said Mrs. Clark. “He sits over at the checkout desk with me.”


Mrs. Clark shows off her “fat cat squishy” and the dinosaur squishy she babysits for one of the library aides. (Amy Steward)


At the moment, the Little Library Store is cash only. The library hopes to set up an online payment system eventually, but for now will only be taking bills and coins.

“We kind of want to change up inventory just to keep it new and exciting. The basics will always be there, but we want to add in new fun things to keep people coming back,” said Mrs Clark. “We’re always taking suggestions about what people would like to have more of.”

The store is open every time the library is open, and aims to help students find whatever they need.

“If you need a pen or anything just stop on by,” said Mrs Taylor.