Sauerkraut Awareness


Gabriella Clayton

German Club president, Carly Earnest, presented her German connection. She holds up the Sauerkraut awareness week sign, showing her German pride.

From October 4th-6th, Champion’s German Club will be celebrating National Sauerkraut Awareness week in the main hall of CHS. Through small events around the school, such as 3-in-a-row bingo, a scavenger hunt, and a ‘guess the gummy bears’, where you guess the number of gummy bears in the jar, the club is promoting German culture.

“The reason why we have to have recognition of German culture is because our town is surrounded by German heritage,” Nolan Vester, German Club Vice President, said. “It helps the German club to reach out to the possible new members among the school.”

Bingo includes multiple activities, such as “Jodeling” (Yodeling) in German and greeting people in the German language. On Tuesday, students can participate by wearing red, yellow, and black colors to represent the German Flag. On Wednesday, participants can build an authentic randomly generated German name.

The scavenger hunt involves teachers and staff all around the campus that have a specific connection to German heritage. Each student will reach out to the teachers and find out what heritage they have in order to fill out the questionnaire.

Each event will allow students one submission for available German candy prizes. The prizes will be passed out on Oct. 7, during fourth period.