Environmental Club Packs Earth Week Full of Eco-Friendly Activities

Students explore the trees of the nature center on Monday’s nature walk. (Hien Pham)

Happy Earth Week! The Environmental Club is in full swing organizing celebratory events. From theme weeks to projects around the community, the club is actively working to make a difference throughout the week of April 17. 

Environmental Club members pose with their bags of “seed bombs,” which are wildflower starters. (Mr. Forrest)

“The club’s goals for Earth Week are to encourage students to think more about what they can do to help the Earth, as well as appreciate the Earth,” said senior Hien Pham, who serves as the current president of the Environmental Club. 

Every day this week features a different Earth-themed project. On Monday, students took a nature walk through the Cibolo Center for Conservation; Tuesday and Wednesday volunteers made “seed bombs,” or wildflower plant starters; Thursday customers of Faith & Funky Junk, a local nonprofit thrift store, can receive a school-related Thrift Store Thursday discount; and on Friday the club will be promoting energy conservation.

“It’s important to celebrate Earth Day because it honors the amount of progress we’ve made in helping the Earth since Earth Day was started in 1970,” said Pham. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, which falls on a Saturday in 2023.

The Environmental Club’s mission is to spread awareness about the environment and call attention to disruptions to the environment.

Senior and Environmental Club member Ethan Ratliff studies the algae buildup in stagnant water of the Cibolo Creek. (Hien Pham)

“Countless laws have been passed to help our Earth. Before legislation was passed due to pressure from the public, a lot of activities that impacted the Earth negatively such as waste disposal were unregulated. Factories were just dumping their waste in rivers, which caused so many issues like river fires,” said Pham. “The biggest goal of Earth Day is to raise awareness of the need that still exists to continue protecting the Earth.”

Besides participating in the events, students can also make an impact by simply dressing up for the week’s themes. They are:

Monday – Land vs Water (Upperclassmen wear green and upperclassman wear blue)

Tuesday – Hippies and Tree Huggers (wear tie dye)

Wednesday – Wild West Wednesday (wear animal print)

Thursday – Thrifty Thursday (wear thrifted clothes)

Friday – Blackout for Energy Conservation

“It’s not just Earth Day; we want students to think about what they can do to help the environment year-round,” said Pham.

Want to learn more about the environment for Earth Day? Check out our guide from last year, How to Go Green this Earth Day.