Homecoming Themes and Schemes


Carly Earnest

Student council creates Homecoming posters in the foyer for Homecoming week. Student Council prepared for the Homecoming week in advance to make sure students have the perfect photo spot for their dress up opportunities.

Dressing up for the week of homecoming is a tradition at Champion High School. Every year the school’s students enthusiastically dress up according to the themes and plan weeks in advance. This year is no different. Despite the circumstances, Champion students are ready for a fun-filled week that the Champion student council planned.
The student council is in charge of creating each dress-up day and the overall theme.
“We listed a bunch of the options for the hoco theme, just like spitting out ideas, and there were over 20 themes we could’ve gone with,” said senior student council officer Loni-Clarie Korrot. After much debate, “Everyone was in agreement that it just felt right to go with ‘Under the C’ because it combines decorating with something everyone can get the spirit of,” said Korrot.

This year’s homecoming themes are—

Monday: Under the C
Tuesday: Decades
Wednesday: Country vs. Country Club
Thursday: Generations
Friday: Navy Out!

Out of all the themes, it seems the theme Champion students are excited about the most is Wednesday’s theme day, Country vs Country Club. This theme showcases two very popular styles students wear everyday, and they look forward to the opportunity to go next-level country or country club.
“I really like the Country vs Country Club theme because I think it will be really entertaining to see everyone dressed up like that,” said freshman Kenzie Edwards. “I personally want to dress up by stealing my grandpa’s clothes—he owns a ranch so he has a lot of the overalls, snake boots, etc.”
Each year, to get in the homecoming spirit, Champion doesn’t just have homecoming theme days but a homecoming parade and a pep rally at the Boerne ISD Stadium the Monday before the game.
“I’m most excited about the pep rally on Monday the 19th,” said 2020-2021 student council homecoming head chair Walker Butler. “It will follow the conclusion of the homecoming parade. We are implementing a couple new components. Originally they were to accommodate for COVID, but I think they will be exciting and something we continue to include for years to come.”