Flu Shots on Campus


Kierston Robicheaux

Sophomore Amy Steward gets her flu shot in the nurses’ office. The flu shot took only minutes and she was able to return to class. “I’m so glad I got the flu shot,” said Amy. “Plus it was so easy to do.”

Flu shots were offered last week at Champion High School to decrease influenza cases and limit confusion between COVID-19 and flu symptoms.
This year is the first that students with parental consent could be vaccinated on a Boerne ISD campus.
“This is a really nice opportunity,” said Nurse Elizabeth Moreno. “Our superintendent Mr. Price has been wanting to get this in our district for a couple of years now, but now because of COVID and with the pandemic, it was easier to get a company to come in and do it for us.”
According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), flu shots protect against the three or four strains of influenza predicted to be the most common that season with varied success.
“The flu vaccine is pretty effective,” said Nurse Moreno. “It just depends on what strain of flu is actually the one coming out that season.”
Many students received the vaccine Wednesday, including sophomore Hien Pham.
“I did it at school, and it was very quick and easy,” said Hien.
Nurse Moreno shared that she also regularly receives the flu vaccine.
“I am a strong believer in the flu shot,” said Nurse Moreno. “For the past 20 years I have [received] the flu shot.”
On top of cold and flu season, the Coronavirus pandemic is also a concern. Some think that as COVID-19 worry rises, cold and flu worry will fall.
“I think this year’s flu and cold season will be lessened than previous years because COVID-19 has caused people to wear masks, socially distance, and stay home when they are sick,” said Hien Pham.
For those who were unable to get the flu shot at school, vaccines are available at most pharmacies, clinics and hospitals such as CVS, Walgreens or Urgent Care. Other methods to prevent illness include washing hands, social distancing and staying home if you feel sick.
“I just really want to express how important it is that we are all staying healthy,” said Nurse Moreno. “Make sure that you’re getting good enough sleep, eating right, drinking a lot of fluids, make sure you’re wearing your mask correctly, and staying six feet of social distancing away from other people—it’s going to keep us all safe this school year.”