Charger Stampede Comes Stomping Back

An Interview with Its President, Charlie Glover

Juniors Charlie Glover and Eli Christian in the student section of this year’s Gold Out Game. Glover, who runs the Stampede, is known for rarely missing a football game and always going all out with theme/spirit wear. (Charlie Glover)

Champion’s student section fills the stands at athletic events, loud and proud for our teams. This year, the student-led club Charger Stampede made its return, doing everything from making posters in the hallways, to social media posts, to pumping up the crowd at sporting events, and generally being the face of what a spirited Charger stands for.

Charger Stampede is a spirit organization directly linked to the Student Council. They support each sport by providing a hyped student section to cheer them on. Junior Charlie Glover, a general member of StuCo, is the one who brought this organization back to life.

“I knew immediately that my goal for Champion’s student section was to make everyone feel welcome through the atmosphere created by games,” said Glover. “We all know how we feel when we’re at a football game: it’s the fourth quarter, a minute left, and the score is close — that excitement is exhilarating, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to experience that and especially with friends.”

Every year, multiple sports and activities advance to the state level of UIL, including: the boys basketball team, golf teams, water polo, and even our championship-winning cross country, swim, track, girls soccer, and tennis teams. The goal of Charger Stampede is to highlight these accomplishments and give support to everybody involved.

Student council seniors sport spirit wear in the student section during the first home football game of the season; Charger Stampede’s main goal is to hype up spirit at sports games with high attendance, megaphones (like the one pictured), and overall excitement. (Amy Steward)

“My hope isn’t just to grow and develop the student section at our football games, but all sports games! I think we could appreciate all of our other sports and their talents more — just as much as football. The games could be just as exciting,” said Glover.

Glover believes that growth in our student section is dependent on the growth of Charger Stampede, and that’s exactly what she plans on doing with her organization. 

“I hope to grow Stampede by increasing its social involvement through spirit-based meetings like poster making and social media. Through social media, students can get a feel for what Stampede does and how it supports all of Champion’s sports teams and student-athletes alike,” said Glover. “I’m hoping that with this accessible presentation of student section information and fun activities that students will be enticed to join.”

Champion is welcoming Charger Stampede back with a goal to bring more energy and spirit to our already excited student sections.

“Stampede is the student section!” said Glover. “And we’ll be doing so much more as this year progresses.”