Living Life the Champion Way

The first quarter’s recipients of the Champion Way award

Amy Steward, Editor-in-Chief

Every quarter, teachers nominate a student that they feel exemplifies the characteristics of the Champion Way — trustworthiness, adaptability, initiative, courage, optimism, contemplation, perseverance, compassion, loyalty, honesty, respect, and responsibility. These are the students that received the award, as well as an excerpt of what each teacher had to say about them. Recipients are sorted alphabetically by teacher.


Scarlet Lyons, 12

“She has the work ethic, creative vision, and leadership skills that her position as yearbook editor demands. She takes a full load of AP classes, volunteers with a number of community outreach programs, always makes herself available for evening or Saturday staff meetings, and this year she was awarded a highly sought-after position as intern at our local newspaper, The Boerne Star.” – Robin Anders

Lilyana Necoechea, 9

“When the chips were down, and her team needed her most, Lilyana answered the call and selflessly sacrificed countless hours of extra time and hard work to keep the Theatre Department’s largest Fall Drama on track and opening to the public on time.” – Israel Aviles

Joseph Winslow, 9

“He is a pleasure to have in class and to know as a person you can rely on. He is driven to learn and to go above and beyond. Joseph is an independent thinker and chooses the high road. He is a great role model and helper to his peers.” – Simone Bergmann

Caleb DeHart, 10

“With his positive attitude and incredible work ethic, Caleb is a shining light in the classroom. He contributes to class discussions, has amazing insight, and strives to perform to the best of his ability.” – Erin Bradley

Jessica Land, 12

“Jessica has overcome numerous barriers this year. She has a great work ethic and remains dedicated to helping others in our community.” – Garrett Carr

Keira Petty, 11

“In her role as the Logistics Officer as part of our Cadet Corps Senior Staff, she not only ensures that all 107 cadets are properly outfitted with their JROTC uniforms, but she also performs all uniform alterations on her own personal time. Her work ethic, team-before-self mentality and excellence in everything she does, clearly sets her apart from her peers.” – Col. Michael Colvard

Jocelyn Gibbons, 11

“Jocelyn is always the first to volunteer to help and exhibits continuous compassion, optimism, respect, and responsibility. She shows initiative, works hard, and is the first to step in and contribute in a leadership role.” – Kristin Dombroski

Laredo Sloane, 11

“Laredo comes to class every day ready to work hard to understand the concepts being taught. I am impressed by her ability to advocate for herself and check for understanding, and the work she puts into this class certainly reflects in her writing.” – Elizabeth Dunn

Ava Carew, 11

“Ava always has a smile on her face when she comes to class. She is ready to learn, has a positive attitude and does what she can to help her classmates. She is a shining light in class.” – Chelsea Goff

Mattie Taylor, 11

“Mattie works extremely hard on her credits. She is dedicated to working extra when she needs to in order for her to complete every requirement needed. She stays positive, has a great work ethic, and always gives you that wonderful smile. Her determination is what I admire most.” – Joyce Grissom

Anna Cucinotta, 11

“Anna is an overall wonderful student. She always has an upbeat attitude is one of the most welcoming and friendly students I have ever encountered. She is an extremely strong and gifted student who is wanting to learn for the sake of learning and not just for a grade.” – Matt Haecker

Chance Shannon, 11

“Chance began this school year with the challenge of facing a lot of changes and completely new experiences in his educational career. He bravely took on the unknown and has never once wavered in his determination to be successful.” – Denise Harris

Zaid Al-Omari, 12

“He looks forward to a challenge and will adjust accordingly. He has initiative and established the National Science Honor Society at CHS. Zaid is an amazing student and human being, and I am fortunate to be his teacher and to learn from him.” – Dr. Valerie Holcomb

Casey Gibson, 9

“Casey displays optimism, respect, responsibility, and compassion. Besides Casey’s normal classroom routine of always being on task, being respectful, and turning her work in on time, one day I noticed her taking time to help a struggling student with a difficult assignment and I knew she was deserving of The Champion Way.” – Bethany Holtorf

Adalynn Schiffelbein, 9

“Adelynn is an amazing student who is always honest and always speaks her mind. I appreciate her honesty as it allows me to be a better teacher because I don’t have to guess as to whether or not she understands the material because I know she will let me know either way!” – Stephanie Kirker

Corey Cook, 10

“I want to highlight Corey’s positive attitude and thank him for being a great role model for his peers. He always comes to class with a smile on his face and is super enthusiastic in all of his participation in class and interactions with his classmates.” – Bethany Koo

Grace Flores, 12

“She has been an exceptional help to me with one of our life skills students. Without being asked, she has made our friend feel safe by holding her hand when she needs it, encouraging her to help out in the kitchen labs, making sure our friend gets to eat and helping her get back to her other classroom. Grace has been invaluable to me.” – Jessica Krause

Gage Vela, 9

“This student has quietly performed at a high degree of excellence while exhibiting outstanding character. His grades are high, he participates, and even has helped a classmate through the first nine weeks.” – Paul Krause

Kendall Fallon, 9

“While quiet, Kendall is extremely intelligent and hard working. Talking with her, you can hear her dedication to her educational and athletic goals.” – Cody Lancaster

Christopher Drollinger, 12

” He can always be counted on to be honest, and trustworthy. He has great respect for his teachers, classmates, and school. And he will persevere with any task to make sure it is completed correctly.” – Rosa Martinez

Lorelei Vogler, 11

“Lorelei always has a great attitude and is dedicated to her education. She is a student I can count on to be prepared for discussion and has great time management skills.” – Calvin Neal

Turner Rey, 12

“He is always willing to help others and take the lead when needed. He is constantly seeking ways for improvement, not only individually but as a team, like we are in orchestra.” – Dr. Naitsabes Barreto-Perez

Eliana Rodriguez, 12

“Not only is she putting in extra effort to understand the content, but she brings a light to my classroom with her beaming personality. PreCal is not an easy subject, and for Eliana to come in and consistently have a big smile and great attitude every day is no easy feat.” – Andrea Plata

Marcus Bacuta, 12

“He is insanely talented and is always willing to help out people in choir. He is very encouraging to his peers, and really just a great student to have in class.” – Rachel Rabon

Jamarri Bowie, 10

“Jamarri is an example to everyone in the room. He is always on task, participates and contributes to class discussion, works well with his peers, and for the better part of the quarter, has willingly and without complaint jumped up to open the locked classroom door for the parade of students using the hall pass!” – Darla Ratliff

Kensington Van Buskirk, 10

“Determination, thoroughness, and maturity describe Kensington. She is always wanting to learn and become a better student. She never takes the easy way out and always goes the extra mile to make sure it’s done right.” – Ken Reischling

Chester James, 10

“Chester James, is smart, funny, creative and talented. This year he jumped into photography displaying a passion and initiative to go over and beyond in his projects.” – Elva Salinas

Claire Powell, 11

“Claire is a Student- Athlete, she takes her academics and athletics very seriously and strives for perfection. It is very impressive how she mature she is in communicating with teachers and keeping up with classes that she misses.” – Rebecca Smith

Hannah Taliaferro, 9

“She is willing and open to the craziness presented each class. Every time she enters class, she makes a point to genuinely say hello and always says thank you and have a good day on the way out. Hannah is diligent and trustworthy.” – Jason Sweatman

Amy Steward, 12

“She accesses what needs to be done around the library and does it. She is always respectful and honest. I know I can trust her with any task. Plus, she is my best book shelver.” – Kim Taylor

Tyler Causey, 11

“Tyler has entered his first year in the Agricultural pathway with the most enthusiasm I have seen from a student at Champion High School. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help out when needed. This extremely polite young man is a great example of what an FFA member should be.” – Tori Thornton

Amyral Garcia, 12

“She has always shown initiative and along with her ability to problem solve she is setting herself up for success. Her leadership skills definitely shine as she has taken on the role of president within our women’s engineering club.” – Ann Tracy

Kayla Lange, 12

“Kayla took the initiative to find a Practicum placement with Schneider Engineering and was in constant communication with them over the summer. She has taken on many responsibilities both in my class and at her internship.” – Jeff Vogel

Camden Graves, 11

“He is a hard worker and always willing to help in the ag. department.” – Cheyenne Waltman

Shea Svendsen, 10

“Shea demonstrates hard work, kindness, empathy, and friendship among peers; while also demonstrating determination by attending early morning tutoring and corrections make up.” – Konrad Wert

Benjamin Matamoros, 11

“Ben is an outstanding student AND supporter of all his teammates in all areas. His positive outlook and personal accountability is a model for his peers.” – Jason Younts